Introducing Spark - Edge SEO

A Meta CMS for SEO teams, served via Cloudflare's global network.

Spark is a platform built for testing and deploying SEO changes to your websites, but without development overhead.

We're looking for Alpha Testers, if you’re interested, please register here.

By utilising edge computing via Cloudflare Workers, Spark provides a simple UI for making common SEO changes - such as modifying metadata and injecting content - as if it was being done server side.

It's built by the team at StrategiQ - an integrated marketing agency in the UK.

How does it work?

We have paired with Cloudflare's extensive network of 165+ data centres to provide a solution to many frequent problems which SEOs and digital marketers suffer from.

Spark acts as a layer on top of Cloudflare's infrastructure which enables you to deploy development changes which get served directly to the client (users or GoogleBot).

Using Spark is as simple as...

  1. Create a Cloudflare account
  2. Setup your website and switch the nameservers to Cloudflare
  3. Enable Workers (Note at additional cost, starts at £5 p/m)
  4. Enter your Cloudflare API key into Spark
  5. Deploy changes via Spark to the edge

If you need any help, speak to either Simon or Chris - they'll be able to help you out.

Why is this important?

Up until now, SEO changes often get held up by development pipelines, budgets and the limitations of a CMS. Spark is a Meta CMS which is not limited by any of those. Providing you have a Cloudflare account, with workers you can deploy changes directly - effectively circumventing the traditional development process.

Other alternatives to this would have been to deploy changes via a Tag Manager or JavaScript based system. Whilst this is a passable solution in some circumstances, JavaScript rendering of content changes is not ideal for SEO. Spark can deploy split-tests and other changes which GoogleBot picks up on the first crawl without waiting for them to render the rest - which can take days/weeks.

There are other benefits to deploying on the Edge with Cloudflare; it can side-step difficulties linked with collecting server access log files, injecting or making changes to schema, deploying tracking code & more. If you have any further questions please get in touch or if you want to try it out in Alpha testing register now.

What kind of changes can it make?

The amount of modification types supported by Spark is constantly growing. However, we currently cater for the majority of the SEO basics;

  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • DOM Content Injection

Next up in the pipeline we plan to include:

  • More sophisticated SEO split testing
  • Logfile capture
  • Structured data deployment
  • And much more