How do I setup Cloudflare for my site?

This is relatively straightforward - although if you’re new to Cloudflare, it’s best if you start with this tutorial video.

How do I enable workers on my Cloudflare account?

Once your domain is added and activated within Cloudflare, click on the "Workers" tab. On the screen that follows, follow the instructions provided to add your payment details. Once you've done this, Spark will handle the rest when you run your first deployment.

How much do Cloudflare Workers cost?

Workers start at $5 per month, which covers your first 10M requests. After that, it's billed at $0.50 per additional 1M requests.

I've heard Cloudflare is bad for SEO, is that true?

No - not in our experience. There are some rumours that CDNs (and by extension Cloudflare) can "hurt SEO", but if it's properly configured you're safe.

There are rare reports that Cloudflare can sometimes lead websites to share IPs with "bad" websites - which, if true could impact performance. However, we're yet to see this and there are workarounds in the unlikely event that this does happen.

Is Cloudflare secure?

Without going into the finer points of why/how it's secure - we're certainly very happy with the steps they take - as are brands like AO.com, Zendesk & the Library of Congress.

You can read more on Cloudflare's security here.