Cloudflare Setup

Setting up Cloudflare

Before you can use Spark, a few settings need configuring within Cloudflare itself.

  1. Enable proxy for subdomains

    To allow Spark to make changes to your site, the Cloudflare CDN must be enabled for the appropriate subdomains in your Cloudflare account. To ensure this is configured correctly, head to the "DNS" tab for your site in Cloudflare, and ensure the clouds next to the appropriate subdomains are orange (active) as in the image below, and not grey (inactive).

  2. Enable Cloudflare Workers for the domain

    Spark will not be able to deploy the generated Worker scripts to Cloudflare unless the Workers feature has been activated.

    To activate Workers for your site, head to the "Workers" tab for your site in Cloudflare. On the next screen, follow the instructions provided to add your payment details. Once Workers are active in your account, Spark will automatically handle the remaning configuration during your first deployment.